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Our Vision
To provide cost effective solutions with high quality, employing the most modern technological developments in integrated solutions, while respecting and understanding the needs and limitations of the customer’s business.

Trusted and reliable suppliers
Buhleni is proud to have strategic alliances with many leading solution providers. Our customers enjoy easy access to high quality OEM products at competitive prices.

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CNBC Africa interview at africom 2010 in Cape Town
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Our work is dedicated to the prosperity of our clients

Who is Buhleni Group

Buhleni is a multi disciplinary business founded specifically to address the diverse needs of our clients throughout Africa. We are able not only to provide our clients with a high quality service of a specialized nature, but to also give a complete range of services. Our main focal industries include Telecommunication , Civil and Security Paper



Operations to date are all self funding and no access to financial institutional or investment capital has been necessary. Operational capital has been provided by means of personal investment, long term loans and profits generated being re-invested in the company from inception. The financial capability by Buhleni to supply large contracts is ensured by having pre-approved outside funding available should the need arise.