Our Vision
To provide cost effective solutions with high quality, employing the most modern technological developments in integrated solutions, while respecting and understanding the needs and limitations of the customer’s business.

Trusted and reliable suppliers
Buhleni is proud to have strategic alliances with many leading solution providers. Our customers enjoy easy access to high quality OEM products at competitive prices.

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BCS Telecommunication Consulting Services

BCS services include:

• Network Design 
• Network Audit 
• Network Performance Improvement 
• Project Management 
• Operations, maintenance and repair Logistics Management
• Network Strategy and Advisory Consulting 
• CPE management

Our network design services portfolio includes:
• Radio Network Design for GSM, (E) GPRS, UMTS and WiMAX
• Access and Backbone Transport Network Design 
• Core Network Design for GSM, (E) GPRS and UMTS
• Operation & Maintenance Network Design

Our network audit services portfolio includes:

• Access Network Audit
• Switching System Audit 
• Data Network Audit
• Quality Benchmarking

BCS’s performance improvement service analyses the general performance of the network to identify areas where special attention is required. The service provides a flexible on-site service for improving the system performance and subscriber-perceived quality of a mobile telephony network.

Our network performance improvement service portfolio includes:

• Access Network Improvement for GSM/ (E) GPRS/UMTS
• Transport Network Improvement
• System Performance Review 
• Core Network Performance Monitoring and Improvement

Our project management portfolio includes: 
• Site infrastructure audits
• Software upgrades and feature activations 
• Network rollout and upgrades

Operations and Maintenance

BCS oversees the following nodes and related interfaces:

• Core Network
• Access Network 
• Transport Network
• IN & VAS systems