Our Vision
To provide cost effective solutions with high quality, employing the most modern technological developments in integrated solutions, while respecting and understanding the needs and limitations of the customer’s business.

Trusted and reliable suppliers
Buhleni is proud to have strategic alliances with many leading solution providers. Our customers enjoy easy access to high quality OEM products at competitive prices.

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Products and services

Passport, E-Passport and Visa

Paper for travel documents such as passports and visas, or for other uses with high security requirements.

Tax stamps

Base paper for producing tax strips for tobacco and/or alcohol. Tamper-proof and faultless in processing and printing.

Postage stamps

The base paper used to produce postage stamps is distinguished by a particularly even paper surface, as well as outstanding further processing options.


Paper for the individual customer requirements, which includes ballot/voting papers, fiscal and legal documents, reference documents, education and insurance certificates, driving, tickets, vouchers etc.